Learn About My Top 5 Agile Pitfalls

I am an avid agile fan and hands on agile program manager.  I started my journey almost two years ago, and my team and I have learned some valuable lessons along the way.  Currently we have doubled our velocity and increased our skills as a well oiled agile machine. ...
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Agile Pitfall#5: Folks It Isn’t All About Agile Velocity

 Agile is great, and I am an avid fan.  My team has been successfully using it for a few years now and we have been able to successfully make the transition.  There are some things that I have learned about agile and some pitfalls that your agile team can avoid by...
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Agile Pitfall #4: Too Focused on Agile Team Roles

Agile has some great benefits and I am an avid fan.  I have been using agile for several years now, and I have also learned there are some pitfalls which you should avoid.  Here are some of the ones that I have experienced:       Agile Pitfall #1: Lack...
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Agile Pitfall #3: Agile Team Silos

Agile software development is great and it has some tremendous benefits.  However, with any software development process, there are some potential pitfalls.  After leading agile teams for a few years now, I we have learned the hard way along the way, and here are some...
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The Agile methodology has turned traditional testing organizations on its head.  We have real world experience transforming multiple industries and successfully implementing best testing practices.


DevOps has blurred the lines between development and testing.  It has accelerated the pace of automated code deployments and given opportunities to integrate automated testing into the process.  DevOps enables testers to spend more time testing and less time waiting for test environments to be setup.


Test Automation has gone mainstream and all software testing organizations must do it to keep up with business demand.  It requires extreme technical expertise and multiple toolsets are needed.  We have built multiple organizations and driven automation up to 95% automated.