Why is End to End Testing is Critical in Agile?

I am a firm believer that end to end testing is critical in Agile.  I have personally experienced countless instances of where production issues could have been avoided if a few end to end tests would have been executed.  Most of my professional career has been...
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The Number One Mistake Agile Teams Make

The Number One Mistake Agile Teams Make There are many mistakes that agile teams make especially when the teams are initially coming together. It is really hard for organizations to make the jump to agile and it requires a top down approach to make it happen.  Even if...
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Top 5 Mistakes for New Agile Teams

New agile teams make lots of mistakes, and if you have been a part of any agile team there are many things that the team works through to improve.  Our current agile team has been together for about 6 months and we worked hard together to overcome some of the...
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What is an Agile Product Owner?

An agile product owner is a critical role on the agile team.  In simple terms the agile product owner has overall responsibility of what the agile product team develops.  The product owner is the key stakeholder for the agile team.  They set the vision and provide...
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The Agile methodology has turned traditional testing organizations on its head.  We have real world experience transforming multiple industries and successfully implementing best testing practices.


DevOps has blurred the lines between development and testing.  It has accelerated the pace of automated code deployments and given opportunities to integrate automated testing into the process.  DevOps enables testers to spend more time testing and less time waiting for test environments to be setup.


Test Automation has gone mainstream and all software testing organizations must do it to keep up with business demand.  It requires extreme technical expertise and multiple toolsets are needed.  We have built multiple organizations and driven automation up to 95% automated.

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